The ideafather

The ideafather has led some of the most ambitious high-growth startups and large corporations through periods of transformation and change through the smart use of innovative technology and adapting company culture to deliver way before the rest..

He originated the term “Creative Technology” in 2005 and was an early evangelist of the Lean Business methodology and he pioneered native mobile applications, with his company agencymobile becoming the first European iPhone developer in 2008 and successfully evangelising mobile apps a viable marketing channel for some of the world’s biggest companies including BBC Worldwide, Deutsche Bank , The Football Association and the Telegraph. They delivered over 27 Apple App Store Number Ones and pioneered technology and user journeys that have now become standard including the hybrid app model and mobile banking metaphors now used by all leading fintech companies. They also contributed to Apple’s SDK creating many now standard approaches to UX and UI components. Their hacked prototype of a banking app for RBS / Natwest was producted on an iphone 1 , a year before iOS was even released .

Previously CTO for top London digital agencies (Dare, VCCP, Iris Worldwide) using plain English to demystify and evangelise smart use of new technology to a viable business platform for clients including Unilever , Barclays, Sony Ericsson, Shell etc.

He has also advised startups from early stage to acquisition for over 10 years including Blippar (UK Unicorn) , Testlio (Angelhack winner 2013) , Mindsauce, Eventopedia , Mobank and Touriocity with a special focus on early-stage / pre-seed ventures where his advanced digital product knowledge is unique in honing a product vision to a finely tuned , usable , revenue-generating digital service.

Now also working at the highest levels of blockchain advisory , ICO strategy , acceleration and blockchain investment in UK, Europe, USA and Asia, always aligned to killer product and team.